Topol Research Fellowship

We are not currently accepting Topol Research Fellowship applications at this time.

About the Opportunity

The Topol Research Fellowship provided recognition and support to Harvard Kennedy School students interested in and committed to nonviolent action. It was made possible by the generous support of entrepreneur, philanthropist, and peace activist Sidney Topol and the Topol Family Foundation.

The goal of the Topol Fellowship was to help students develop a more robust, evidence-based, and comprehensive understanding of nonviolent resistance movements and deepen their knowledge about nonviolent movements around the world. Students supported data collection at the Nonviolent Action Lab and attended a monthly discussion group with Erica Chenoweth on nonviolent action. Topol Fellows received an honorarium as part of the fellowship program.

The Carr Center’s recent Topol Fellow cohorts have focused on nonviolent movements around the globe, from North and South America to Europe and the Middle East. Niku Jafarnia, MPP ‘20, centered her research on the efforts by Yemeni civil society to digitally document the harms of the Yemeni Civil War. Michelle Poulin, MPP ‘22, highlighted the online and offline organizational strategies that propelled the recent rise of European far-right populist movements. Mayumi Cornejo, MPP ‘21, delved into the disruptive extractive industry in Peru and the Indigenous and rural grassroots civil resistance movement to stop it. Teresa Chen, MPP ‘23, explored the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States and how it inspired similar protests around the world.

"The highlight of my experience as a Topol Fellow was engaging in small group discussions with other Fellows about nonviolent action movements in different parts of the world and focusing my independent research on how these movements are shaped in contemporary Latin America," said Mayumi Cornejo, 2021 Topol Fellow.