Sushma  Raman

Sushma Raman

Executive Director

Sushma Raman is Carr Center's Executive Director. Sushma brings a rich and diverse background in philanthropy, human rights and social justice through her work in the U.S. and globally with the Ford Foundation and the Open Society Foundations, as well as her experience leading human rights programs, philanthropic collaboratives, and social justice foundations. 

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Siham Elhamoumi

Siham Elhamoumi

Grants and Research Manager

Siham Elhamoumi is the Carr Center’s Research Manager, where she manages the Center’s research portfolio and leads proposal development efforts within the four themes of human security, economic justice, institutions of global governance and civil society, and equality and discrimination.  Ms. Elhamoumi is working to bring our on-going programs to scale and develop new cross-cutting and innovative programmatic and research areas. Read more about Siham Elhamoumi

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