Regulate Campaign Finance

  • Strengthen disclosure requirements: Federal legislation should be enacted to require campaigns, super PACs, PACs, and other groups involved in elections to post their donors and the amounts they donate on their websites in a timely manner. The law should require business associations and social welfare organizations to disclose their donor information.
  • Strengthen regulation on unlimited spending: Based on new evidence of the disproportionate influence of major donors on the electoral process resulting in the denial of First Amendment rights of non-donor voters, the Supreme Court should reverse its ruling in Citizens United v. FEC that campaign finance regulation is barred by the First Amendment and that corporations and unions can donate to campaigns.
  • Regulate at the state level: Following the example of South Dakota, states should ban the funding of ballot initiatives by donors from outside the state. Like Massachusetts, states should establish citizens commissions to examine existing state laws on campaign finance and recommend how to regulate corporate political spending.
  • Strengthen enforcement of the federal ban on coordinating political campaigns with PACs/Super PACs: Increase federal and state oversight of campaigns to ensure that there is no coordination between campaigns and outside groups in terms of personnel, information, finance, etc.