What is a Populist?


Pippa Norris. 2/27/2017. “What is a Populist?” The Atlantic . Publisher's Version
What is a Populist?


The Atlantic features HKS's Pippa Norris, the Paul. F. McGuire Lecturer in Comparative Politics.

Why does Donald Trump exaggerate the size of his inauguration crowd, brag about his election win in conversations with world leaders, and claim without evidence that voter fraud may have cost him the popular vote? Why does he dismiss protesters who oppose him as “paid professionals” and polls that reflect poorly on him as “fake news”? Why does he call much of the media the “enemy of the people”?

There are explanations for these things that focus on the individual, characterizing Trump as a self-centered reality-TV star obsessed with approval and allergic to criticism.

But there is also an ideological explanation, and it involves a concept that gets mentioned a lot these days without much context or elaboration: populism.

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: Pippa Norris | Feb 27 2017
: The Atlantic features HKS's Pippa Norris,the Paul. F. McGuire Lecturer in Comparative Politics.
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