Technology & Human Rights

Sigal Samuel. 8/7/2019. “Trump wants to “detect mass shooters before they strike.” It won’t work.” Vox.Abstract
New article on Vox highlights the work of Desmond Patton, Technology and Human Rights Fellow.

Patton, emphasized that current AI tools tend to identify the language of African American and Latinx people as gang-involved or otherwise threatening, but consistently miss the posts of white mass murderers.

"I think technology is a tool, not the tool," said Patton. "Often we use it as an escape so as to not address critical solutions that need to come through policy. We have to pair tech with gun reform. Any effort that suggests we need to do them separately, I don’t think that would be a successful effort at all.”

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Flash Presentations - Technology & Human Rights Fellows

May 22, 2019

See short presentations from some of the Technology and Human Rights Fellows Cohort.

The Technology and Human Rights Fellowship is part of a new Carr Center for Human Rights Policy initiative to examine how technological advances over the next several decades will affect the future of human life, as well as the protections provided by the human rights framework. 


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