Elizabeth Kim

Enabling Economic Empowerment of Women in Mexico through Renewable Energy Benefits-Sharing
Currently a Masters in Public Policy candidate at Harvard Kennedy School, Elizabeth seeks to steward the privileges she has been blessed with in service of... Read more about Elizabeth Kim

Namrata Raju

International Labour Organization in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Through this internship at the ILO's country office for Sri Lanka and the Maldives, Namrata tackled an entire ambit of labour rights issues. These range from... Read more about Namrata Raju

Rahaf Safi

Research proposal: Nonviolent movements and violent conflicts - Middle East

Rahaf is Syrian-American and has been working on human rights issues and organizing for over eight years. Over the past few years, she has...

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Preeti Sahai

MC/MPA Mason/India
Research proposal: Nonviolent solutions to communal polarization in India

Preeti has experience of over 15 years in public service on social, economic and political...

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Santiago Mueckay

Santiago Mueckay is a Master in Public Policy 2019 candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, an is co-chair of HRPIC.

Study Group: Spring 2018, Metamorphosis - New Rights On The Horizon

January 16, 2018

Rights are not static things. They don’t stay the same from generation to generation but evolve and change depending on changing norms and circumstances. In a sense, they adapt to history. This is an unpopular notion. Most human rights advocates understandably fear that, if long-fought-for rights are not grounded in the bedrock of such things as natural law or inherent human dignity, they may be subject to disregard or even repeal. As we will argue, rights represent a description of the good society, a society that protects and advances its members’ “lives, liberties, and pursuit of...

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