Funding Recipients


Salima Etoka

Internship Funding Recipient
Akina Mama wa Afrika, Uganda
Salima Etoka is a MPP student at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, a Harry S. Truman Scholar, and alumna of Trinity College. Before HKS, she worked in... Read more about Salima Etoka

Djénéba Gory

Internship Funding Recipient
World Bank, Haiti

 Djénéba Gory is a French-Malian raised in France, who joined KPMG S.A. (Paris) in 2009 as a financial auditor. After four years working...

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Demarquin Johnson

Internship Funding Recipient
National Association for the Advancement of Color People Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc.

Demarquin Johnson is currently a joint degree student at Harvard Law School and Harvard Kennedy School, where he...

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