Chris Robichaud

Chris Robichaud

Lecturer in Ethics and Public Policy

Christopher Robichaud is Lecturer in Ethics and Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He received his doctorate in philosophy from MIT. His work focuses on areas in ethics, political philosophy, and social epistemology. Dr. Robichaud has been a member of the faculty since 2006. He also teaches at the Harvard Extension School and the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Previously, he has taught philosophy courses at Texas A&M University, the University of Vermont in Burlington, and Tufts University.... Read more about Chris Robichaud

2016 Oct 07

Conference: The Strategic Consequences of Torture

(All day)



The Strategic Consequences of Torture Conference is the Carr Center's premier event around our research on the policy implications of the use of torture. Carr will bring together the top policymakers, academics, and military leaders to engage around the challenges and questions posed by the use of torture.

More information can be found on the Conference Website.

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Arthur Applbaum

Arthur Applbaum

Adams Professor of Democratic Values

Arthur Isak Applbaum is Adams Professor of Political Leadership and Democratic Values. His work on political legitimacy, civil and official disobedience, and role morality has appeared in journals such as Philosophy & Public Affairs, Journal of the American Medical Association, Harvard Law Review, Ethics, and Legal Theory. He is the author of Ethics for Adversaries, a book about the morality of roles in public and professional life. Applbaum has written about the ethics of executioners and of butlers, and he has consulted to the government about the ethics of spies.

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