Sushma Raman

Sushma Raman

Executive Director
Faculty Committee - Ex-officio

Sushma Raman is Carr Center's Executive Director. Sushma brings a rich and diverse background in philanthropy, human rights and social justice through her work in the U.S. and globally with the Ford Foundation and the Open Society Foundations, as well as her experience leading human rights programs, philanthropic collaboratives, and social justice foundations. 

Sushma’s upcoming book, co-authored with Bill Schulz, The Coming Good Society: Why New Realities Demand New Rights, looks at the coming changes to the human rights landscape and argues that rights must adapt to new technological and scientific realities or risk being consigned to irrelevance.

Sushma hosts a biweekly talk series, Human Rights in Hard Places, and a monthly podcast, Justice Matters, both of which highlight a range of human rights concerns and feature frontline defenders, academic experts, and global leaders. Sushma serves on the board of directors of RFK Human Rights, a leading human rights organization established by the family of Bobby Kennedy.

During Sushma’s tenure at the Ford and Open Society Foundations, she launched and managed a $100 million global program at the Ford Foundation, strengthened civil society and philanthropy in South Asia, helped launch social justice and women’s funds, and helped manage a $50 million fund to support immigrant and refugee rights.

She has served as a judge for the Robert F. Kennedy Center’s international human rights award, a prestigious award given annually to a courageous leader working to end injustice and improve the human condition. She has served on numerous boards and advisory boards and given public speeches and lectures in diverse settings.

Sushma has taught graduate public policy courses on global civil society, the state and the NGO sector; inter-sectoral leadership; nonprofit policy and management; and policy communications at the University of Southern California, University of California at Los Angeles, and Harvard Kennedy School.

Sushma is a graduate of the mid-career master’s in public administration program at the Harvard Kennedy School, where she was awarded the Lucius N. Littauer Fellowship in recognition of her academic achievements and leadership role within the HKS community.


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