David King

David King

Senior Lecturer in Public Policy
David King

David C. King is Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at The Harvard Kennedy School and Faculty Chair of the MPA programs. He also chairs Harvard's Program for Newly Elected Members of the U.S. Congress and Harvard's executive program for leaders in State and Local Governments. Professor King joined the faculty in 1992, and he lectures on Legislatures, Political Parties, and Interest Groups.

In the wake of the 2000 presidential elections, Professor King directed the Task Force on Election Administration for the National Commission on Election Reform, chaired by former presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. That effort culminated in landmark voting rights legislation signed by President Bush in late 2002. He later oversaw an evaluation and new management structure for the Boston Election Department, and he served on the Advisory Board of AmericansElect.org.

Professor King's recent work focuses on the U.S. Military: on factors influencing the willingness of minorities to join the military, and on family readiness issues more generally. Professor King played a central role in linking the removal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" with the reinstatement of Naval ROTC at Harvard University.

David King is co-author of The Generation of Trust: Public Confidence in the U.S. Military Since Vietnam (2003), author of Turf Wars: How Congressional Committees Claim Jurisdiction (1997), and co-editor of Why People Don't Trust Government (1997).

An award-winning professor, David King’s work is highlighted in Bill Smoot’s 2010 book, Conversations with Great Teachers

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