Averell Schmidt

Averell Schmidt

Averell Schmidt

Averell Schmidt is a fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy. His research focuses on the costs and consequences of the U.S. decision to use torture as an instrument of foreign policy following the attacks of 9/11.

Before joining the Carr Center, Avery received a Master in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. As a graduate student Avery concentrated in international and global affairs, conducted fieldwork on security sector reform in Indonesia and political development in Egypt, and was editor-in-chief of the Harvard Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy.

Before arriving at Harvard, Avery worked as a public health educator with the U.S. Peace Corps in Morocco and as a researcher at the Centre for Policy Alternatives (Colombo, Sri Lanka), the Institute for National Security Studies (Tel Aviv, Israel), and the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (Tbilisi, Georgia). Originally from Michigan, Avery received his B.A. in International Affairs from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon.

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