PAE Grant Application Process

The Carr Center seeks to encourage students to pursue PAE's that will assist clients in achieving human rights policy goals. We would like to help ensure that students are not discouraged from selecting not-for-profit PAE clients because such clients may be unable to reimburse their expenses. To meet these goals, our grant program provides funding to reimburse selected students for costs incurred completing PAEs that have a clear relevance to human rights policy. Only PAE exercises for not-for-profit clients are eligible for grant funding.

All applications should include a brief description of the applicant's prior engagement with the Center's programs and activities (limit: 250 words per student) or how their PAE engages one of the Carr Center’s programs.

The Winter Funding Common Application for AY2019-2020 will open October 2019.

For your official application submission, you must use the school's common application. Access to that application can be found via the student funding home.

Additional Information about the PAE and SYPA can be found at the following sources: