Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Advancing Human Rights Policy

The Carr Center advances Harvard Kennedy School’s mission and complements the broader HKS research and curriculum by developing a research, teaching, and convening agenda that addresses the most intractable public policy problems that governments and markets have not addressed or may have even exacerbated.

The Carr Center brings a global, cosmopolitan, multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving, drawing upon law, policy, leadership, public health, negotiation, ethics, economics, and other courses and disciplines in order to address the most entrenched and complex problems facing societies around the world.

Our Strategy



Conduct and communicate groundbreaking research and draft policy proposals on the most intractable global justice challenges of our time.



Advance human rights practice by educating students and developing the next generation of practitioners from around the world.



Convene leaders from across sectors and around the world to inform and influence human rights.



Build the capacity, effectiveness, and influence of the center.