OSIRG Summer Internship Program

The OSIRG summer internship program allows students to immerse themselves in the ideas and practice of open society by participating in a clinical seminar held in Berlin, Germany. The seminar is followed by an 8- or 12-week intensive internship at an OSF-selected non-governmental organization, where students will complete a project developed by one of OSIRG’s partner host institutions.
*MPP1s and MPA1s only!*

More Information:

Deadline  - Application Deadline Extended - Applications Due COB November 26
Applicants may access OSIRG’s application using the following link: https://bit.ly/2INZKQD

Application Structure  

The OSIRG application is comprised of eight sections. Applicants do not have to complete their application in one sitting. The Grantee Communities Portal allows applicants to save and return to their applications up until the deadline. You will be unable to edit the application once you have finished submitting. Please be advised that an application cannot be submitted unless all fields marked with a red bar or asterisk are completed. The following includes further information on each component of the application:

I.    Personal information
All contact information should be current.

II.    Emergency contact information
All emergency contact information should be valid until the end of the internship term.

III.    Academic history
Applicants are required to provide information about their bachelor’s degree and the master’s program in which they are currently enrolled. There is also space to provide information about one additional degree or certification.

IV.    Professional history
Only information that is relevant for the application should be listed in this section. Previous positions, volunteer work, or activities that are unrelated to the project should not be included. Applicants will need to provide a comprehensive curriculum vitae or professional résumé in addition to this abbreviated listing.

V.    Language skills and additional information
Applicants should only list those languages in which they are fluent.

VI.    Essays
Applicants are asked to answer all essay questions. Please remember that the response to Essay B will assist OSIRG staff in matching accepted candidates and host institutions. Also note that applications with essays that are longer than the maximum length will not be considered.

A.    Personal Statement
In 500 words maximum, applicants should write a personal statement discussing their interests, life experiences, goals, and commitment to human rights and governance.

B.    Statement of Interest in Human Rights and Governance
In 1,000 words maximum, applicants should describe a policy area, related to the field of human rights and/or governance, where they believe some reform can be made to improve the lives of relevant populations. The essay should include a specific illustration of the policy problem, describe potential solutions, and present what actions might be taken to reach the proposed resolutions.

C.    Internship Experience Preference
In 200 words maximum, please describe your top priority for this internship experience and why from the following options: a) exposure to a specific geography or region (i.e. France, South East Asia) b) experience working on a specific thematic area (i.e. migration policy, LGBTQ+ rights) c) experience working in a specific professional environment (i.e. large international NGO, small grassroots organization)

VII.    Required attachments
Applicants are required to attach a print-quality (300 dpi or higher) passport-sized photo or headshot of themselves, as well as a copy of their passport identification pages.

VIII.    Signature
In order to complete the application, applicants must certify that all information provided is true to the best of their knowledge.