Study Group: Confronting Corruption in Defense of Human Rights

September 10, 2017

Through four initial sessions, this study group will establish the transnational nature of corruption networks, examining in particular the alliance between kleptocratic regimes, international criminal organizations, global finance, and private industry. These networks – enabled by a worldwide clandestine pipeline for pilfered resources, embezzled funds, and bribery money – violate human rights by siphoning the wealth of nations, destroying environments, and depriving the commonwealth of goods and services that by rights belongs to ordinary citizens. The study group will also explore the failures of past anti-corruption efforts to target these networks, and potential strategies to combat transnational corruption at all levels.

Convener: Sherman Teichman, Fellow, Carr Center for Human Rights Policy

Co-Convener: Professor Nikos Passas, Professor, Northeastern University


Session 1: Wednesday 27 September, 12 - 1pm, Carr Center Conference Room (Rubenstein-219, Harvard Kennedy School)

House of Trump, House of Putin (How Vladimir Putin, Semion Mogilevich, and the Russian Mafia Put Donald Trump in the White House)

Guest Speaker: Craig Unger, journalist and author


Session 2: Wednesday 11 October, 12 - 1pm, Carr Center Conference Room

Transnational Corruption Networks, Multinational Corporations, and Global Finance 

Guest Speaker: Keith Darcy, Deloitte & Touche LLP 


Session 3: Wednesday 25 October, 12 - 1pm, Carr Center Conference Room 

When Corruption is the Operating System (Transnational Kleptocratic Networks)

Guest Speaker: Sarah Chayes, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


Session 4: Wednesday 29 November, 12 - 1pm, Carr Center Conference Room 

How to Improve Anti-Corruption Impacts on Society (A Critique of Past Failures)

Guest Speaker / Co-Convenor: Nikos Passas, Professor, Northeastern University