"Modern Slavery" Podcast Featuring Siddharth Kara

January 29, 2018
"Modern Slavery" Podcast Featuring Siddharth Kara

In a new interview with the Carnegie Council, Carr Center Senior Fellow Siddharth Kara discusses his book "Modern Slavery." 

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SIDDHARTH KARA: I think the simplest way for a person to think about it is that modern slavery involves the practice of essentially exploiting a person like they are property. You use the term "modern" slavery not just because it is happening in the modern world and in a modern context but because slavery is thought about very specifically. It does have a historical definition that involves actually owning people like property, hence the term "chattel slavery," and exerting power over them as if they are property. You cannot legally own a person anywhere in the world any longer, but people are still treated that way.

I think the simplest way to think about it is where there is exploitation of labor and services in a way that amounts to treating a person like property, that I think you can call modern slavery.