Hungarian Prime Minister's White House Visit Draws Criticism

May 13, 2019
hungarian pm_01

Boston Public Radio Here & Now's Robin Young speaks with Carr Center's John Shattuck.President Trump is meeting with Hungary's far-right prime minister Monday, something the last two U.S. presidents have not done. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has talked about a "migrant invasion" threatening Europe's culture, and he has stripped power from the judiciary and independent news organizations. Here & Now's Robin Young talks to John Shattuck, senior fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard's Kennedy School. Shattuck is also the former president of the Central European University in Hungary.

You can also learn more by reading Shattuck's latest op-ed, Trump and Orban - transatlantic authoritarians, in The Boston Globe.

"There are three models of the Trump presidency, each similar to Orban’s. First is the authoritarian model. The president assaults pluralist institutions like the media, which he calls “the enemy of the people,” through the blatant use of lying and disinformation against what he calls “fake news.” Second is the anti-government model. The Trump presidency is tearing down the administrative state by deregulation, especially on economic and environmental issues, and dismantling the professional civil service. Third is the polarization model, which involves appealing to populist fear by stimulating racism, smearing opponents, and destroying the norms of democratic governance."