How to defend human rights in the Trump era

January 25, 2017
How to defend human rights in the Trump era

Carr Center's Senior Fellow John Shattuck's latest Op-Ed in the Boston Globe.

"The Women’s March and demonstrations throughout the country last weekend served notice on President Trump that if he persists in assaulting human rights, he will face massive resistance.

Recent presidents who threatened rights have been reined in. Richard Nixon used the power of the presidency to attack the Constitution and his political enemies, but the House of Representatives voted to impeach him. Ronald Reagan tried to overturn hard-won legislation on the rights of women and minorities, but civil society groups and a bipartisan congressional coalition beat back the attack. George W. Bush introduced the use of torture in violation of domestic and international law, but resistance inside the federal government led to reinstatement of the torture ban.

Following these examples, a new citizen movement must mobilize the assets of American democracy to protect basic rights and freedoms in the Trump era."

Read the full Op-Ed in the Boston Globe.