Haspel Faces Public Reckoning over CIA Torture

May 9, 2018
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Article in the Financial Times features Carr Center's Senior Fellow Alberto Mora.

"Alberto Mora, a former navy general counsel who campaigned against such techniques at the time, argued the US had yet to reckon with its past involvement in torture. “Someone with that record of brutality wouldn’t qualify as a mall cop, for any position in federal government,” he said, adding that the destruction of the video tapes had deprived the American public of the chance for a visceral reaction against torture. “We’re still not recognising what we did as a nation and we simply can’t walk on by. Did she hear the moans, see the blood? Does she acknowledge today that it was torture? Has she celebrated those who objected to the programme at the time on legal and conscientious grounds?”

Read the article in the Financial Times.