Institutions of Global Governance & Civil Society

Institutions of Global Governance & Civil Society

The institutions of global governance, including the International Criminal Court, the World Trade Organization, regional human rights courts, and the United Nations; the role of civil society and networked governance in promoting justice and building capabilities.



The United Nations defines global governance as governance that encompasses the totality of institutions, policies, norms, procedures and initiatives through which States and their citizens bring more predictability, stability and order to their responses to transnational challenges.



The Carr Center’s work on global governance examines the role and effectiveness of global governance institutions, such as the International Criminal Court; creates data-driven research projects and evidence-based policy recommendations on transitional justice mechanisms, such as truth commissions and tribunals; and identify how global governance institutions can best advance justice outcomes in the new century. The Carr Center’s work on civil society will bring together practitioners, activists, and educators to build pedagogy and practice related to human rights education. Focused on building tools, skills, and capabilities, it aims to create a more strategic, outcomes-oriented human rights community.

"The United Nations, whose membership comprises almost all the states in the world, is founded on the principle of the equal worth of every human being.”

-Kofi Annan

Programs & Initiatives


Arts, Culture & Justice

The Carr Center explores and promotes the use of arts and culture to examine some of the most pressing human rights issues of our time.

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Closing Civil Society Space

The Carr Center identifies and challenges threats to civil society actors, including restrictions imposed on human rights defenders and activists.

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International Criminal Court

The Carr Center is working to research the impact of the ICC, and the ways in which it can have influence in future cases of global governance.

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Strategic Human Rights Practice

The Carr Center develops the next generation of human rights practitioners by creating and delivering curriculum and building a larger community of scholars and activists.

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