The Future of Human Rights

The beginning of the symposium was spent reviewing the latest developments in remote sensing/GIS, data mining, and forensic science, especially DNA sequencing technology. What is the future (5 and 10 years hence) of technology in human rights investigations? Given what we have considered to this point in the symposium, what will data integration from across different data sources look like moving forward? What are the technical, operational, organizational, legal, and ethical opportunities and challenges to collaborative investigations and operations? After brief opening remarks by our panelists (about 5 minutes each) the conversation will be open to all participants.


  • Scott Edwards, Senior Adviser, Amnesty International’s Research Directorate
  • Alix Dunn, Executive Director and Co-Founder, The Engine Room
  • Kevin O'Connell, President and CEO, Innovative Analytics & Training and Outgoing Chair of NOAA’s Federal Advisory Committee on Commercial Remote Sensing (ACCRES)
  • Alexa Koenig, Executive Director, Human Rights Center and Lecturer-in-Residence at UC Berkeley School of Law
  • Kate Doyle, Senior Analyst of U.S. policy in Latin America, National Security Archive
  • Josh Lyons, Satellite Imagery Analyst, Human Rights Watch
  • Moderator/discussant: Sushma Raman, Executive Director, Carr Center for Human Rights Policy