The Promise & Perils of Nonviolent Action: Lessons From Around the World


Friday, May 10, 2019, 12:00pm to 2:00pm


Allison Dining Room, HKS

The 2019 Topol Fellows on Nonviolence will present the results of their research on different cases of nonviolent action around the world. Five Topol Fellows will present “lightning” talks regarding their research on nonviolent action in Colombia, Algeria, Catalonia, India, and among various women’s movements in Africa. The panel will then address questions and comments from the audience. The event is moderated by Professors Erica Chenoweth and Douglas Johnson, who were the faculty advisors to the 2019 Topol Fellows.

The following students will present their research:

  • Amanat Boparai | MPP 1
  • Victor Perez Garcia | MPP 2 
  • Rahaf Safi | MPP 1 
  • Preeti Sahai | MC/MPA Mason Fellow
  • Sofia Salas Ungar | MPP 1