Communications & Technology

Communications & Technology

Build the capacity, effectiveness, and influence of the Center

Use communications and technology to advance human rights and the work of the Carr Center

The Carr Center will raise the visibility of the Center as a center of excellence and innovation in research, policy, and practice; We will work to build its visibility among a range of internal and external stakeholders, including individual donors, foundations, the media, and academia; and will work to effect social change by disseminating cutting edge policy recommendations and research to diverse audiences.

The Carr Center will provide resources and convening opportunities for media to help traditional, digital, and social media leaders to be more exposed to human rights concerns and will provide opportunities for faculty interested in public commentary or media exposure to connect to media outlets.

The Carr Center will commission research that has real world impact, and promote the role of this research to those working in the field and to practitioners and the public, in order to ensure the links between research and social impacts are better understood. The Carr Center will develop meaningful engagement with a wide variety of users, students, faculty, staff, media and practitioners, relying on a peer review process to ensure high standards and relevance.

The Carr Center will focus our work on high-profile, collaborative events that will raise the visibility and reputation of the center. We will use new technologies and social outlets to amplify our messages.

The Center will ensure the visibility and accessibility of information on research projects and their findings, working with teams at HKS to develop our best practices and promote our work to a wider audience.

Through our work, the Carr Center will raise the visibility of human rights & global justice research and impacts within Carr, the Kennedy School, and worldwide.