The Challenge of Ubiquitous Devices and the Deluge of Data

Nearly ubiquitous Internet-enabled mobile telephony with cameras means that bystanders and victims of human rights abuses can collect and disseminate information and images in real-time.  The challenge to researchers is finding evidence and verifying its authenticity.  How can massive amounts of user generated content be managed in a timely, actionable way without causing injury to already vulnerable populations? How might data science and predictive analytics affect the use of remote sensing? What might be the role of crowdsourcing in data analytics?


  • Scott Edwards, Senior Adviser, Amnesty International’s Research Directorate
  • Francesco Sebregondi, Research Fellow, Forensic Architecture
  • Tanya Karanasios, Deputy Program Director, WITNESS
  • Josh Lyons, Satellite Imagery Analyst, Human Rights Watch
  • Moderator/discussant: Jay Aronson, founder and director of the Center for Human Rights Science at Carnegie Mellon University